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Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 Online

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12

Death in Heaven - (s8xe12)

Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 Online

Description: You can watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 online here at f3nd1.com. S8E12 - (Death in Heaven). As part of Missy's plans, Cybermen detonate themselves around London, releasing "Cyber pollen" that reincarnates and transforms the dead into Cybermen. Danny is one of these, and rescues Clara from 3W. UNIT bring the Doctor and Missy aboard a plane, where the Doctor is given control of Earth's armies as "President of the Earth". With the help of the Cybermen, Missy overpowers UNIT and blows up the plane. The Doctor survives by calling the TARDIS to him and reunites with Clara in a cemetery, where Clara has discovered the Cyberman who saved her is Danny. Danny reveals that a forecoming rainfall will convert all living people to Cybermen as well. Missy arrives and gifts the Doctor with control of all the Cybermen so he can conquer the universe. The Doctor refuses and gives control to Danny, who leads other Cybermen into exploding and stopping the rainfall. Missy is disintegrated by a final Cyberman, a reanimated Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. In the aftermath, Clara and the Doctor bid farewell with lies to each other: Clara tells the Doctor that Danny has reunited with her when he used his only escape attempt to return a child he killed to life, and the Doctor tells Clara he has found Gallifrey with coordinates Missy gave him when they led to nowhere. The Doctor leaves alone in the TARDIS when suddenly Santa Claus enters and asks him what he wants for Christmas. Just remember Doctor Who new and old episodes are always available at our site f3nd1.com.

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